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Michael Großklaus


  • I was recently working on the relaunch of my website and wanted to include the open source font Inter. Unfortunately, even the woff2 versions of each different font style were at least 100kb large. As I wanted to use three font styles, this was, of course, way too much.

  • 2019 has been a quite different year for me. Since I started freelancing in 2011, I only worked on client projects the whole time (except for a few weeks of vacation every year). But as my son was born last year, I wanted to work a lot less

  • When following discussions in the web development community, you can read a lot about topics like inclusion, diversity, accessibility and so on. While all these topics are important and should not be missed, I barely read about a topic that concerns me as no other: climate change

  • Probably the most popular way of organizing your components is Atomic Design which was introduced by Brad Frost. I recently talked to a client of mine who said that they were

  • Browsers nowadays perfectly zoom in and out when using cmd-+ and cmd--. Because of this, developers sometimes think that using relative units is actually not necessary. But as zooming

  • One reason frontend development never becomes boring is the fact that the available technologies evolve rapidly. Browser vendors publish new features every few weeks, which makes it hard